What we do

We call it aquatecture: the expression of water in design in the engineering of pools, be they swimming pools, water features or specialist spa pools. Bringing pools to life is our passion.

Pools and Water Features are an integral part of the overall architectural approach. In the outdoor areas of a resort or hotel they are a core component of the Landscape design.


Who we are

absolute-pools is a specialist pool services provider with a range of operations, including Design & Build, manufacturing, supply and installation and specialist contracting services.

Our aquatecture services are delivered through a fully resourced Specialist Design division with appropriate PI Insurance, IT technical support and an effective, skilled design team, whom we consider the driving force behind our delivery. Our team comprises Design Engineers covering MEP and structural design and with CAD personnel in support.

Where required, we collaborate on an international basis with specialists in areas such as electronic software for interactive water feature control, thematic experts for show features, etc.

Where we are

We are based in Dubai with regional offices in Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

Our focus is on projects across the MENA region. We also work with lead designers based in the region for design of projects on an international basis.


What is our Design Philosophy?

Our design philosophy has several key elements:

  1. We seek first to understand as fully as possible the vision of the client and other stake holders and the intent behind the Pools and Water Features as an element of firstly, the overall Design and, specifically, as part of either the Landscape Design or Spa Design.We are particularly sensitive to local cultural issues, where relevant and our experience in the region provides us with valuable input from this perspective.
  2. Safety and function are the core of good pool design and aesthetics must dictate only after these technical requirements are met.
  3. We seek to deliver pools and water features that reflect industry best-practice, that are designed to meet local environmental requirements and which reflect sustainable design consideration.
  4. Well engineered design is at our core. Good engineering is good design when it comes to aquatecture.
  5. We take a responsible attitude to Value-Engineering approaches and keep in mind the commercial requirements of a project.
  6. We seek to ensure that our designed work will provide low-maintenance, energy efficient solutions when in use.
  7. We understand the importance of a collaborative approach with other consultants in order to deliver client expectations. In addition to Landscape architects and Spa consultants, we coordination closely with MEP consultants and Interior Designers.
  8. We work to a standard and not to a price: Once engaged, whatever the commercial terms agreed, we work to industry best practice and maintain professional standards of service and delivery at all times.
  9. We think the design process should be professional and well considered but that it should also be fun and innovative.

How do we approach the Design process?

  1. Concept Design

    Generally requires developing Pools & Water Features in theme with the overall concepts of a given resort or hotel and the vision for the Project.

    The pools and water features are an integral part of the overall architectural and landscaping design approach and accordingly require the necessary coordination with these disciplines.

    Similarly, where pools are part of a Spa design they are integral to the ‘wet-area’ delivery and require a close understanding of Spa design and intent.

  2. Schematic Design

    Requires providing fully dimensional drawings produced to ensure a workable schematic design with water features to the required scale and the pools, in particular, sized to suit the anticipated bathing loads and activity requirements.

    An essential (often overlooked) element of pool & water feature design is to ensure appropriate plant room spaces are provided in the most suitable locations for cost-effective performance. The provision of MEP services is a critical aspect of ensuring effective design.

  3. Detailed Design

    Requires developing the design in accordance with a core Performance Specification that enables fundamental technical criteria.

    These criteria begin with safety and user experience. For finishes, the technical suitability of material types will take precedence of ID recommendations based purely on aesthetics.

    (NB: Finishes should therefore be within our scope rather than the ID sub-consultant.)

  4. Working Drawings/Tender Documents

    May require a detailed Technical Specification on a prescriptive (how to) as well as performance criteria (what to) achieve basis. It further will include Bill of Quantities in support of Working Drawings.

    Further, this phase will allow for assistance in tendering the works and technical evaluation of bids.

  5. Construction Supervision

    The construction supervision phase requires the necessary attendance to ensure the design is implemented correctly by the appointed contractor(s)

    This may take the form of coordination and consultation(email/phone/video conferencing) with us off site to ensure the project construction/management/supervisory team has access to our technical support, as and when required. And/or it may require attendance of our personnel during construction, either part or full-time.

    We highly recommend our on-site supervision where works require a fast-track approach as this increases the need for vigilance to ensure standards, specification compliance and quality are not compromised in the desire to meet programme deadlines.

  6. Fast-Track Design

    We are mindful of the fast-track nature of many projects and the need to work closely and in parallel wtih other disciplines. We have considerable experience of similar situations which can prove invaluable in the closing phases of design delivery.