What is included in the price?

The price is for the pool supplied and installed, ready-to-swim. This includes the pool, with a sandstone coping around the perimeter, a fully fitter pump house with operating equipment and a control panel.

The pool is supplied with underwater lighting, filtration equipment, flow control fittings and easy access walk-in steps.

How do I pay for the pool?

After you have decided on the pool that is right for you, you can pay in 3 easy to manage payments.

Will the pool increase the value of my property?

Yes! A pool adds up to 5% to the value of a property. It also makes your property more attractive to prospective buyers and easier to sell.

It may be quicker to rent and a villa with a pool gives better rental income.

The Pools

What type of pool is the absolute-pool?

The absolute-pool is a permanent, in-ground, fully hand tiled swimming pool. It is well engineered, beautifully finished and sure to give you years of enjoyment. The absolute-pool reflects technical innovation and makes an unmistakable statement of quality and style. The pool is quick and efficient to install.

The pool is Pre-Formed composite type. This is a contemporary way of making a pool in factory controlled conditions that is quick and easy to install.

What styles & shapes are available? What sizes?

Please check our Pool Selection Gallery. Bespoke pools made to your precise requirements, are also available.

What standard features does the pool have?

  • A fully engineered operating system for filtration of the pool water with timers for lights and pump operation.
  • A beautiful, hand tiled mosaic finish, with accent lines at the edge of all steps and seats for safety purposes
  • A sandstone perimeter coping
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Easy access, walk-in steps
  • Smooth, non-slip surfaces throughout


What upgrades are availabe?

We have a full range of Upgrades and Extras, including energy and water saving devices, swim jets for in-pool exercise, LED mood lighting and water features to compliment your pool. See our Upgrades and Extras page.

What colour choices are there?

The pool is finished in porcelain ceramic mosaic tiles with a choice of standard colours and tile sizes. Custom finishes are also available on request.

Whichever colour you choos it is sure to be a great looking pool.

Water Conditioning

How is the pool water kept clean?

Traditionally, pools have been sanitized by using chlorine chemicals. The problem with this is it can cause the water to feel hard and smell of chlorine, bleach hair and cause red-eye discomfort. Additionally, handling of chlorine chemicals is hazardous.

Contemporary pool treatment systems avoid the need to add chlorine chemicals and provide much better solutions.

How is the pool temperature controlled?

We offer a range of systems to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature all year round. Electric Heaters, Heater/Chillers & Solar Covers.

What is the salt system?

The salt system works by converting salt in the pools water into sanitizing agents through electrolysis. The capital outlay is offset by the saving on chemcials. With a Salt System, the water has no odour and it is soft and gentle on the eyes and skin

Use the Salt System for a sanitized salt water pool which is smooth to swim in.

What is non-chlorine oxidation?

There are several truly non-chlorine oxidation products that when added to the pool water effectively removes bacteria.

A modern alternative to the traditional use of chlorine.

Please contact us for further details.


Do you offer a maintenance service?

absolute-pools offer a routine Care and Upkeep Service(CAUS) to look after your pool maintenance this includes two visit per week to clean the pool, check on operating equipment and ensure the pool is kept in tip-top condition

If your pool is under Warranty then we take care of most maintenance issues at no charge, otherwise a chargeable service enables you to keep everything in good working order and to carry out regular servicing of the operating equipment.


Pool Safety

absolute-pools do everything they can to make the pool as safe as possible. The pools is well lit, with smooth, non-slip surfaces and no sharp edges. The pol has easy access, walk-in steps and a darker tile line at the edges of steps and seats. Special attention is given to electrical issues and to suction control.

However, all swimming pools are a potential hazard especially for your children and non-swimmers. There is no substitute for proper supervision of non-swimmers and children.

Safety Guidelines

Please consult the absolute-pool Owners Guide prior to the use of your pool and read all safety guidelines carefully.