What is Wellness?

Wellness refers to a state of good physical, mental and emotional well-being, which is sustained by proper diet, exercise and good habits such as leading a balanced lifestyle and having a positive attitude. Wellness differs from traditional good health in that some people may be medically healthy but not well. They may not have an illness but may be stressed, frustrated or out of sorts. While others may not be in the best of health yet have a strong sense of well-being. whatiswellness1Clearly the ideal is to stay as healthy as possible and sustain a state of Wellness! All of us are dependent upon our genes and a degree of good luck to stay healthy but we can make a real difference to our Wellness through our lifestyle choices. In doing so we not only improve our chances of avoiding ill health but we give ourselves the best basis for making the most of our lives.   whatiswellness2

The Spa

The Spa, literally meaning ‘healing through waters’, has been with us for many years and has now become an established feature in modern resorts and hotels around the world.

Visits to the Spa have become a regular part of the lifestyle of an increasing number of individuals seeking a sense of well-being in their lives.

The Spa contributes directly to Wellness through providing experiences that add to looking, feeling and being well.

These are brought about through massage and other hands-on treatments and through aqua-thermal experiences.

Aqua-thermal experiences

Aqua-thermal experiences are at the heart of the Spa and are an essential part of the Spa journey. These experiences are brought about through the sauna, steam room, hot tub or plunge pool. And it is the circuit of hot and cold, dry and wet that provides the experience in totality which delivers a real contribution to our individual sense of well-being.


Spa by absolute

Specialist Pools

absolute-pools understand aqua-thermal experiences and this is reflected in our core competency: the design of Pre-formed specialist pools for the Spa ‘wet-area’ with features such as the latest hydro therapy systems, mineral salt systems, flotation and the use of mood lighting.

We have a relentless focus on ergonomics, to provide really comfortable, user friendly in-water experiences for those who use our pools.

Our understanding of the purpose of specialist pools in the Spa and our ability to work to a designers precise requirements, makes us the preferred choice for the Spa wet-area.

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Thermal Cabins

We work with the best in the Wellness field and Spa design and fit-out on a global basis. We are regional partners for KLAFS, the leading manufacturer of work class thermal cabins.


We provide a complete service: design, production, installation and after-care service.

We serve both commercial and private projects: as well as providing solutions for the Spa industry, our services are also available for private residences.

Our aim is for the Spa user to be able to relax and rejuvenate the body while giving the perfect environment to reboot the mind: leaving day-to-day stresses behind.